about us

"It's better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret."

Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

Our Vision

Building a fun filled & rewarding retirement for all: "Retire from work, but not from life."

Our Mission

Creating an online and geographically based retirement community for inspiration, encouragement and support.  

Our Values

To maximise each person’s Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Financial health throughout retirement.  

Why Live Life?  

We recognise that retirement is a vast, exciting space into which we step. As with every space, we need to fill it with positive experiences. The landscape we create will occupy us for the rest of our days. So it’s essential we choose carefully how we design that landscape.

As we face this transitional point, we are grateful that time is now our own, yet uncertain how to make the most of that time. No longer driven by employers’ schedules, we have the chance to create the world we want. That demands we ask of ourselves some very important questions.

Live Life Retirement offers a dynamic set of tools and process that puts you in the driving seat of your retirement. Beginning with an online survey, we will guide you through a series of stages to help create your very own "Personalised Report". This report will be the starting point for you to plan for your future, identify the priorities in your life, and plan to overcome all those doubts, worries and concerns you may have about retirement. For more information on how to do this, either on your own or with our help, scroll down to the "Our Offerings" page.

Together we can help you to plan for your future retirement, taking into account all the key aspects of your Health, Pleasure, Relationships and Money Matters requirements and aspirations.

Do not fear retirement. Embrace it, plan it and enjoy it!

live life anchors

What are Live Life Anchors?

With experience of running retirement related courses and coaching sessions over the last ten years, we recognise that people approach retirement with a certain amount of concern, nervousness, trepidation and, possibly, even fear.  We also recognise that, for most people, retirement is that period in one's life that we think should be welcoming, happy, joyous and greeted with delight.  So why the differences in emotions?  From our experiences we know that most people haven't really given retirement much thought and so they feel unprepared and negative emotions come to the fore. 

Live Life Retirement was set up to help people prepare for retirement, so that they can get the very best out of their future lives, however that may look.  We have consolidated all these emotions and aspirations into four areas that address retirement's challenges.  These areas are our ANCHORS and consist of Health, Relationships, Pleasure and Money Matters, as illustrated below.  More information on each of these areas is available via the "More information" buttons below. 

When you become a client, you will be supplied with a userid and password to gain access to our portal.  You will be guided through each of these areas in detail and, eventually, create your own "Personalised Live Life Retirement Report".  You can go at your own pace, saving your details as you go, and revisiting the site at your convenience.

Depending on the level of service for which you subscribe, or to which you have been subscribed (if your Company is providing you with our service), you may be eligible for our follow on services which are described in more detail on the "Our Offerings" page below.

live life anchors - health

An area of increasing concern to most people as we get older, ...

live life anchors - Relationships

With the ever changing and varied make up of families and social relationships, ...

live life anchors - pleasure

This is the area that future retirees seem to look forward to the most...

live life anchors - money matters

Most retirement related products on the market place are ...

our team

Chris Bowring has worked for over 35 years in the corporate world, both as an employee and running his own businesses. His focus has been on (both business and career related) coaching, training and workplace mediation, and helping people of all levels and backgrounds to succeed in their own personal way. Live Life Retirement is now an extension of this, and helps people plan a personal, and fulfilling, retirement. Chris's many interests include sport, learning new practical skills, maintaining a busy and active social life with friends and family, and continuing to enjoy business challenges.


Kathryn Thomas has been coaching individuals, teams and organisations for over 30 years across diverse sectors. Whether personal goals or large scale culture change, her expertise lies in helping others to succeed in their desired futures and understand self limiting habits of thinking that so often keep us from achieving our goals and managing transitions in our lives. Her passion is to help others grow and develop, and feel empowered whether in their teenage years or in retirement. Current interests are in the importance of retaining balance of body and mind in our often challenging lives.


our offerings

Our offerings are structured to meet the needs of both individuals and companies.  Once registered as a client, you will receive access to the Live Life Retirement portal through your own userid/password.

Here you will be taken through a step by step process that involves:

  1. Completing an online Survey of self evaluation, where you will look at life through our 4 key ANCHORS - namely Health, Relationships, Pleasure and Money Matters.  We don’t focus on Money Matters initially, as we are more intent on helping clients identify HOW they want to fill their time during retirement.
  2. The next few steps will take you through a process of prioritisation and reflecting on elements of your life and interests.
  3. The length of time this takes is up to you, as we give you the opportunity to complete the Survey in stages, at your convenience, and you will also have the opportunity of reviewing your input before eventually submitting your answers.
  4. After submitting your Survey, we produce your Personalised Live Life Retirement Report which will be available online and as a downloaded PDF document. 
  5. During the "Money Matters" section, we offer you the opportunity of meeting a regulated Financial Advisor who will be able to use your Report as part of your conversation regarding your financial affairs.  It is worth noting that we are not Financial Advisors but we have a business arrangement with a leading UK financial institution. 

Having received your personalised Report, we can now work with you further to help you create and plan your retirement in detail.

Whether you are self funding, or being offered this service through your Company, there are a number of follow-up benefits that we provide.  These packages offer practical support in achieving your retirement goals and include three key elements:

  • Fayres: An exhibition style event that offers you an opportunity to:
    • Meet companies and consider resources focussed on the retiree market
    • Enjoy short, ‘Ted’ style talks on key areas of interest to retirees
    • Work with the Live Life team on building your retirement map 
    • Meeting with a Live Life Financial Adviser
  • Roundtables: Groups facilitated by Live Life Retirement trained facilitators. You will: 
    • Participate in a day long programme 
    • Explore the factors that ensure a successful retirement
    • Use Live Life Retirement’s tools to turn your priorities into goal-oriented plans of action
    • Identify best next steps for your Live Life Retirement journey
  • Coaching: Booking 2, 6 or 12 hours of personal coaching with a skilled Live Life Retirement Coach to:
    • Identify your key priorities
    • Explore your short, medium and long-term preferences
    • Create your personal, tailor made retirement plan.
    • Work on your own or with your partner in crafting your retirement map

Although our products have been designed to provide something suitable for all budgets and circumstances, we also offer Companies and individuals the opportunity to design a bespoke service to suit budgets, number of people, venues and content.  We have experience in creating bespoke levels of service so, if you would like to discuss your personal or company needs, then please contact us at info@liveliferetirement.com 

This service can be offered as part of a company's Corporate and social responsibility programme.

Benefits / Services Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Bespoke
Portal access
Personal assessment
Comprehensive report
Planning tools
Practical and comprehensive Retirement plan
Making sense of my report (online video)
Telephone / VoIP supports      
Access to Regulated Financial Adviser
Instructional videos      
Executive Webinar      
Coaching Basic (2 Hrs)        
Coaching Intermediate (6 Hrs)        
6 Month Personal Coach (6 x 2 Hrs)        
Reflective Retreat        
50% discount on LLR Community Membership        
12 Month LLR Community Membership      
5 Year LLR Community Membership      
Annual Review        
Resource Finder      
Pricing £100 Group pricing available on application


The following comments represent a small selection of feedback that Live Life Retirement have received about the value of their products.

I think the site is really good, user friendly and most importantly, gets you thinking logically and seriously about the retirement world!
Client A
Really enjoyed the questionnaire and was interested to see what that would tell me. Liked the layout of the report.
Client B
The report accurately reflected how I feel about things - 20% health, 40% each relationships and pleasure. That was really good.
Client C
I wasn’t convinced at the breakdown of health, relationships, pleasure. But it has given me pause for thought that I seem to have little thought/ priority for health and relationships compared to the pleasure I hope to achieve from retirement!
Client D
Overall, I really liked the sight and the concept.
Client E
As someone who used to be the People Director of a large NHS Trust, this looks like a great product. It made me ask myself how many of our staff of around 5,500 retired each year. I was shocked to discover I did not know.
Client F
I think the layout of the website is fantastic, it gives you clear direction on how best to proceed through and produces you with a report that is fast and to the point. It did make me realise that I don’t know what I want to do and if I can afford it. Having this impact on me, will have a great impact on someone with no plan.
Client G


The following reviews represent a small selection of feedback we have received from clients.


Andy Stuchbury, Regional Business Manager at AstraZeneca

"Chris provided me with calm, clear, helpful & invaluable support at a critical time in my career. He is a great sounding board, providing the right level of challenge which really helps you to critique your own ideas to achieve greater clarity."

Robert Fitzgerald, Divisional Financial Controller at De La Rue

"Chris provides a clear and coherent message that appeals to a wide audience and mix of people of different backgrounds and levels, which I would wholeheartedly recommend."

Susan Blanchflower, Marketing and Consumer Director at Digicel Group

"Chris is able to motivate and encourage beginners and those with limited experience, combining theoretical discussions with practical, personalised exercises as confidence boosters.

Martin James, Key Account Manager at Knauf

"Chris is never afraid to deal with difficult subjects and ensure that all angles are examined in detail. A very personable guy who gets to the heart of the matter."

our partners

We acknowledge the tremendous relationships and support from our Partners,
without whom we would not be able to provide the services we do.


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